Dim or unflattering light is not a limitation for us. We have flashes, big and small, that allow us to show your events in the best possible light. 
For instance, while shooting graduation ceremonies for GFP Events, at Bonython Hall we overcame directionless, magenta tinted available light, by lighting the speakers with flashes. Despite being placed 50 meters away from the stage, our flashes allowed us to create images that were both dramatic and technically appropriate for publishing. 
On a different occasion, while shooting a dance performance at Burnside Town Hall, we worked around the DJ’s minimalist light set up. We placed our flashes on a balcony, so we could have the right amount, direction and quality of light to properly capture the costumes’ details and dancers’ movements. 
For functions held near Adelaide’s CBD, our Event Photography Packages are:
1 hour Event Package: 1 photographer for 1 hour, for 200 AUD.
2 hours Event Package: 1 photographer for 2 consecutive hours, for 300 AUD. 
Turnaround time for events and functions is usually 24 hours. However, faster delivery can be provided for an additional fee.

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