WYSIWYG: My portfolio is an honest example of my work. What you see there, is what I do and offer: natural colors, simple poses, honest interactions, little to no touch up. 
The forest and the trees: the story of your wedding day will be told with photos of the big and the small, the planned and the unexpected, the subtle and the open. Some images will use colors to describe environment and details, some will use black and white to focus on shapes and expressions. 
But your wedding photos will be more than a collection of pretty photos. As I learned photography as part of a Bachelor's degree of Media, my images always work together to create a visual narrative. A concise and agile narrative, curated to have rhythm and tell your story effortlessly.
I do not sell images in bulk. On average I deliver 50 final images per hour of coverage. Therefore, a 7 hour ceremony will produce about 350 final images. To put this figure in perspective, consider that if you were to look at each photo for only a minute, you would need almost 6 hours to go through the whole chronicle.
When comparing these figures, please be mindful that packages that offer thousands of images, usually include 10 slightly different versions of each and every photo.
Spray and pray: not me. I will not blind you with a non stop barrage of flashes, nor destroy the atmosphere with endless clicks and pops… while I try to grab anything and everything. 
Quite on the contrary, as I shoot with intention and mastery of my gear, my work will be focused and unobtrusive. This easiness will be no gift from heaven, but the fruit of research, planning and teamwork. 
By your wedding day, I will have studied our locations and developed a storyboard, and we will have established a fluid working relationship. This alliance will be developed while working our timelines, formals’ lineups and particularly on the engagement shoot, or the bridal portrait session, that are included in all my packages.
Practice makes perfect: therefore, we will have a rehearsal day. This will take the form of an engagement shoot or a bridal portrait. You choose! 
Either option will give us a safe space to get to know each other, learn to work together and will produce great images for announcement cards. 
The engagement shoot is a relaxed opportunity to create images about your relationship. They can be done in a place that has a special meaning for you and your partner, and you both can wear whatever you feel like. 
The bridal portrait is a rather controlled affair, centered on the bride. Based on a studio, it has two main goals:
Serve as a dry run. We will put hair, makeup, the all important dress, camera and lights together. The resulting images will tell us how they are playing with each other. Having this knowledge before the big day, will enable us to adjust and improve at will.
Craft your most beautiful portrait ever. The studio setting will give as much control as we want. Lights, backdrops and lenses will work together to allow you, and your dress, to shine in all your glory.
An additional benefit of crafting your bridal portraits beforehand, is that we free up quite a bit of time on your wedding day. And believe me, that day every minute counts.
Your perfect imperfections: I will use every tool in my kit to capture your beauty and happiness. And I will do it in such a way that people will still be able to recognize you. I believe in good lighting, body positivity and representation, not in Photoshop and stereotypes.
Challenge of the week: no thanks. I avoid aesthetic fads like the plague. I know that today's trendy pose / color treatment will lose all grace before the season ends. Instead, I offer a classic and clean look that will stand the test of time. After all, your wedding photos are your first family heirloom, not social media’s latest craze.
Walk the (multicultural) talk: I was born in Venezuela to Peruvian parents. I migrated to Australia and married a Dutch woman. My Australian toddler asks for food in Spanish and falls asleep to Dutch lullabies. The godmother of my son is an Afghan Muslim. Multicultural relationships are my way of life. 
I will approach your wedding with a cosmopolitan perspective, eager to embrace the particulars of your traditions and celebrations. I will ask lots of questions, listen and do my research. I love to learn the different ways cultures celebrate love and commitment.
Love is love: everyone is welcome. Regardless of where you and your partner stand in the LGBTQ+ spectrum, you will be treated with respect and consideration. 
I will do my best to get to know and understand you and your partner. We will work together, to ensure that your wedding photos are a true representation of yourself and your relationship.
Flash before your eyes: as most still photographers, I started my career as an “available light” photographer. It was a fast and easy way to work, but far too limiting for my taste.
On one hand there were time restrictions. The bridal party needed to be there before the sun was too high or too low, and any delay (and there is always a delay) would leave us with rather limiting light conditions.
On the other hand, the venue’s design choices. Some places have either way too much, uncontrolled light, or barely any light at all. Even worse, some are lit with funky colors that render unnatural skin tones. 
You see, my images need more than whatever light is available. They need light with the appropriate intensity, quality, color and direction. My photography needs the kind of light that is easier to create than to stumble upon.
Wanting to create that light, I dedicated myself to learn and master flash technique. It was a hard and long process, but well worth it. Working with flash has drastically reduced the environment’s impact on my images, and enabled me to create aesthetically pleasing photos almost anywhere, at any time. 
Thanks to my flashes, I no longer hope for good light. I just carry it in my suitcase. 
An old hand: at your service. I have been crafting images, still and moving, since 1.997. I learned the theory in a Bachelor of Media and a Master in Cinematography. The practice, I obtained working as a lighting cameraman, event and wedding photographer.
Over two decades of study and execution, have prepared me to cover one of the most important events of your life, your wedding. Choosing me as your photographer will ensure that the highlights of your wedding are carefully captured, so they can become the first heirloom of your new family.

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